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Tuesday 27 July 2010


I took another visit to Beddington this morning. A case of not being able to sleep after last week's op - my nose was bunged as a capped oilpipe leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

It turned out to be a worthwhile exercise. I ended up at the north end of the Farm where all the Green and Common Sandpipers have been migrating to recently - 31 Green Sandpipers were present. After a few minutes Johnny Allan walked by on the 'good' side of the perimeter fence. After introducing myself - he knew me from various forums, messages, etc - he very kindly invited me into the Farm's inner sanctum.

He's a top man, Johnny. Certainly knows his stuff, having been a serious birder for more than 30 years. His blog (see sidebar) is always a good read, too. We ventured over to the eastern end of the scrape and using his scope, he pointed out the Wood Sandpiper (143) that had arrived on the site a couple of days ago. An excellent new bird for the list.

It also reaffirms my need for a scope. I knew the bird was there when looking through my bins, but there was no way of picking it out clearly to make a confirmed sighting. The scope showed the bird straight away, and its distintive mottled plumage compared to the Greens and Commons.

So, better start saving up.

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  1. Well done with the Wood Sandpiper, Neil, Beddington seems to be the Surrey hot-spot for that species. Certainly not a bird that is guaranteed at our local patch.
    You definitely need to get a scope as birding, in anywhere except woodland, is hard work without one.