Welcome to my blog. If you live in Surrey and birding is your obsession (to get out of bed at some ridiculously early time of the morning, no matter what the weather, to go and look at birds isn't normal behaviour, believe me) and you're still a bit of a novice (like me) then, hopefully, this blog is for you.

Monday 19 July 2010


Yellow-Legged Gull. Mediterranean Gull. Ringed Plover, Black-Tailed Godwit. Lesser Spotted bleedin' Woodpecker. None of the above have been seen by me all year. They are all doing their very best to avoid me, and they are succeeding.

None of them are what you would call rare, although the little woodpecker is a bit of a scarcity in my part of Surrey. Most will pop in for a visit somewhere in the county, but never when I'm around.

Never mind. To lift the spirits I made a b-line for Chobham Common on Sunday to see if I could find one of my favourite birds - the Dartford Warbler. Now, this little fellow is pretty rare these days, but because its habitat requirements are quite specific and because I now know where to look and what to listen out for, this warbler never lets me down. And so it was on Sunday during a warm late afternoon in the sun. I got my best views of this smashing little bird. Two males were chattering away on their respective patches, and one was showing really nicely.

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  1. I seem to remember hearing about a Dartford Warbler years ago. It was very rare and it had not been seen for years. It suddenly popped up not in Dartford but Scotland or somewhere far away and birders were flocking in their hundreds to catch a glimpse. I can also remember the radio were explaing that because it was called the Dartford Walbler,it had nothing to do with Dartford, but I have since forgotton their explanation. We were living down in the country in those days and although I was never a full time birder the occasional story made my ears prick.It`s interesting because you seem to spot one every day.