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Tuesday 23 April 2013


David Campbell reported a Whimbrel at Canons Farm late yesterday evening, a rare bird for the site, and he texted me early this morning to say it was still in Skylark Field.

Remarkably, Canons Farm has had more waders on its non-wetland pasture than Holmethorpe Sand Pits has with its lakes and sandbars in recent weeks. Many are flyovers, but occasionally a wader will drop down for a feed, such as this Whimbrel.

There has been a number of reports of Whimbrel in the past couple of days as they head their way north to their breeding sites. Fortunately for me this one was happy to stay in a field rich with food at least for today.

With the sun out I had good views as the Whimbrel tugged very large worms out of the ground. The beauty of Canons Farm, for me at least, is it only takes 15-20 minutes to get to, so if I've got loads of work on I can make a quick visit before heading back to a day with my head stuck in a computer.

Whimbrel in Skylark Field, Canons Farm, this morning

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