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Sunday 3 October 2010


It was worth it just to write the headline.

With a window of opportunity late in the afternoon as the wind and rain abated for once, and after a brief search a few days ago, I took a different route across the farmland to search for game.

Parking at Bransland Wood, south of Bletchingley, I walked the public footpaths across the fields towards an area where the Red-legged Patridges were last time. I counted at least 15 during the search. Plenty of Pheasants and a Wheatear too, but not the prize.

As the light started to fade, I could hear birds calling in an adjacent field. They had taken some finding, but eight or more Grey Partridge (153) scrurried nervously (not suprisingly) at the top of the field towards a pen. Most game birds seem to have a nervous disposition - are they psychic?

It was satisfying to find these birds at long last. I sent Johnny Allan a text to give him the good news - hence the headline. Johnny needs them for his list and he'd apparently tried and failed once before (he went to the wrong farm). It would be rewarding to repay him for the help he has given in recent weeks.

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  1. Well done, Neil. A hard bird to find in Surrey (I've not seen one yet).
    Will be walking the same fields in the next few days to try and repeat your success.